Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Holder admits he may have 'misled' Congress in OFF testimony

Why is the media so determined to make every excuse on behalf of disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder? A puff piece on Holder's Senate testimony from US News & World Report actually insults the intelligence of every American with the following: "So far, no evidence has come to light showing that Holder read 100-plus page memos that briefly and broadly referred to the operation, or that his senior aides knew either."

They actually state this asinine caveat as though it's a good thing. That there's no proof he read the memos doesn't make Holder look any better but would just be yet another altogether separate yet compelling reason that he should be replaced immediately. Not having read the memos just speaks to his incompetence. Most other media outlets are giving Holder a similar pass, as evidenced by the coddling in the latest CNN report: They make a point of quoting Holder as he scolds Republicans for allegedly playing "gotcha" politics, but make no mention that he admitted  his Congressional testimony was misleading.

CNN never acknowledges Holder's mea culpa, which to be fair is wishy-washy and insufficient at best, but of great significance nonetheless. Holder admitted to the Senate committe that he testified in May Congressional hearings of only having been aware of OFF for a few weeks when he had actually been aware of it for at least a few months by that point.

From The Daily Caller:

“I did say a ‘few weeks,’” Holder clarified Tuesday, responding to questions from Vermont Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee. “I probably could’ve said ‘a couple of months.'

Holder also admitted to Leahy that Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley handed him letters in person in late January, months before Holder previously claimed he knew of the controversial initiative of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE). The BATFE is a division of the Department of Justice.

All hell should be breaking loose in the media, calling for his resignation and characterizing him as incompetent at best, yet the vast majority of media outlets are omitting the most pertinent details of his Senate testimony. It appears that news is now being reported quite selectively. Too bad Eric Holder isn't a football coach or his mistakes, both real and perceived, would be newsworthy.

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Glenn Raymond said...

If someone in the private sector gives false testimoney before congress they will go to jail for pergury. When a government official does lies it is somehow acceptable to an elite ruling class, especially the left. There are a few of us who notice!