Tuesday, October 25, 2011

PA House Democrats trying to lay their own failures on Corbett & the GOP

The PA House Democrats have had the spin machine working overtime since Corbett took office. They're constantly insisting that Corbett and the state GOP are to blame for every problem in PA, despite the reality that such claims are patently false. There's an endless wash of memos, newsletters, tweets, press releases and more from the PA House Dems constantly pounding every Pennsylvanian with this disingenuous message. It's too bad that our state Democratic Party refuses to be accountable for their own failures and won't own up to their mistakes. The fact that they're trying to pin the fruits of their own incompetence on the current administration is truly offensive to citizens' intelligence.

The PA House Dems obviously think the voters are very stupid. There's no other way to explain their sensationalized finger-pointing at the GOP. The Dems refuse to accept any responsibility for their own bad policies and the repurcussions of those choices. Voters are tired of the blaming on multiple levels, first and foremost because it's dishonest. The party owes us the truth but all they give us is childishly crafted misinformation. And to what end? Is this our punishment for voting in a GOP majority? It's almost as though the Dems have decided that by taking away their majority, we now warrant a blizzard of PR temper tantrums.

Rather than learn from their mistakes and come up with ways to do things better, the De rfuse to acknowledge those mistakes. They want to pretend that Pennsylvania was all sunshine, rainbows and unicorns until the GOP took charge but nothing could be further from the truth. For 8 years under the Ridge/Schweiker administration there was total GOP control. During that time, Pennsylvania added more than 380,000 jobs. Even during Rendell's first term jobs increased by 163,000 when the GOP still controlled the House and Senate. But when Democrats took over the state House and held the Governor's office from 2007 through 2011, the state lost more than 137,000 jobs. Unemployment in PA more than doubled under what passes for leadership from the state Democratic party, rising from 4.2% to 8.5%.

They should be telling us what they learned from their failures and how they will use that knowledge to do better by us, but instead they're sending out memos claiming that unemployment has risen half a percentage point due to Corbett. Most citizens would be happy if it had only risen that slightly during their tenure but we're presumably supposed to be incensed at Corbett. The actions of the PA House Dems are akin to an arsonist telling you that your house is burning because the fire department is taking too long to arrive on the scene.

That's really what all this comes down to: the Democrats caused far more harm than good but now want you to blame the Republicans for not being able to fix the mess. Rendell increased total state spending by nearly 40%, even after off-setting cuts in many areas. The 2009-2010 state budget represents an overall increase of more than 36% from 2002-2003 spending. They cut budgets for executive offices and conservation by more than 50%, community development by more than 20%, environmental protection by more than 30% and the historical and museum commission by more than 40% in what they presented as a "bare bones" budget. They even cut the budget for labor and industry by more than 20% overall despite the fact that unemployment in the state more than doubled.

Yet they increased welfare spending by more than 62% in the same period, even as they cut out critical oversight needed to prevent fraud. Auditor General Jack Wagner has fought to audit various aspects of welfare in PA for years now without success, all the while calling for improved oversight as well as procedural changes to prevent waste, also with no success. Pennsylvania deserves to have adults in charge, not whiny children who want to pass the buck on their failures. We also deserve leaders with enough integrity to admit when their policies fail and learn from their mistakes. The current crop of PA House Dems soundly escew both maturity and accountability in their ridiculous PR campaign against Corbett and the GOP. We can only hope that voters start holding them accountable for the misinformation campaign they're spreading and vote them all out.

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