Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Be careful what you wish for, kids

It goes without saying that the "Occupy" protestors are largely pathetic failures of personal responsibility. Even in the most fawning of media portrayals -- which are legion -- these people appear to be absolutely clueless in every possible way. There is no acknowledgement of controlling one's own destiny or taking responsibility for one's own choices. This is nothing more than a glut of  people who have consciously made a series of bad decisions suddenly demanding a handout to reverse their self-inflicted bad fortune.

These are freelance artists and wanna-be filmmakers who resent their struggle to make a living "protesting" the wealth of the upper classes when in fact they have simply refused to get a job. Face it, your art sucks and it's never going to pay the bills. McDonald's is in the midst of a national hiring event and supposedly offers decent benefits. Take a shower, wash your clothes, head over to the Golden Arches and voila, you can pay rent this month. Art is a hobby for millions of Americans who find time to draw, paint, sculpt and create in their free time, you know, after work.

Nobody has a right to enjoy their dream job despite a lack of success in their chosen field. Let's face it, most things that make the world go 'round aren't anyone's passion but they are jobs that need to be performed in order for us to live in a civilized society. Nobody wants to write insurance policies, clean toilets, be a medical biller or process raw sewage but these things need to be done every day and someone has to do them. There are millions of jobs in the world that don't inspire zeal in anyone yet somehow millions of Americans perform them every day with pride then go home and write, paint, take pictures, make jewelry or perform any number of hobbies in their spare time. That's life and that's how life should be beause nothing else will keep society functioning.

Imagine for a moment that these whimsical little urchins got exactly what they wanted: a society where those who have worked to earn are forced to completely subsidize those who choose to play (as opposed to the mere partial-subsidization under which we currently operate). Those billions and even trillions don't go very far when they have to cover the cost of everything for everyone. Socialism and communism have failed in every aspect in every attempt to organize such societies and for good reason: There is never enough money to satisfy those who aren't required to earn it.

These protestors lack not only vision but also maturity and even the most basic understanding of how a society can (or can't function) with any degree of success. The Tea Party has long been excoriated in the media for protesting government spending, political pay-to-play and government waste but this new movement is being lauded for harassing private citizens with largely the same demands. All of the "problems" identified by these protests (at least the few coherent points we can garner from this mess) are rooted in our government's ineptitude, incompetence and failure of accountability.

Were these protests being held at Congress, the White House and state or local government offices natiowide, they would have a sensible purpose with intelligent goals. But as they are, it's merely a bunch of lazy, spoiled, entitled brats harassing those who have bothered to work out of spite that their own choice to merely play hasn't paid off. Support or applause for these misdirected and ignorant sentiments is pathetic, at best. These protestors are intentionally turning a blind eye to all of the very real problems in our society and creating scapegoats to avoid taking responsibility for their own choices. If they have any success with their childish and misguided mission, we will all be far worse off for it.

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